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Sebastian, design engineer

, Makron Engineering Oy

Published 18.7.2017

Subject or degree programme Konetekniikka
Other studies International Business
Year of graduation 2017

My typical day at work: Reading technical drawings
Develop new 3D cad models
Publish new drawings

Skills I need in my work: Software, Communication, Independency

How I got my present job: Degree.
Job portals (head hunters)
Recommendation letters

These studies have been most useful in my work: Strength of Materials
Manufacturing Technology
Selection of Materials
Welding and fabricating costs

Tips for those interested in this job area: My advice would be to learn as many tools as you can during the free time and build something out of your own imagination. My regret would be that I did not learn coding which could have supplemented my skill set to a very large extent. Network, have a good portfolio and try getting some experience (even unpaid internships) because the start is important.

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